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You can start with our trial account to start transacting free or upgrade your account to our Advance package to reduce your cost even lower.

Easy Integration

You can start receiving payments on your e-commerce store with our payment buttons, e-invoice, shopping cart integration or our API integration.

Better Sales Conversion

In 3 easy steps, your customers can now make a payment to you online. Get payment to your bank account within 7-15 business days onwards!

People all over Malaysia are using Wab.Host to receive payments today

90% of online users in Malaysia prefers to make payment via a bank transfer than making a purchase using a debit/credit card. Online merchants also prefer to collect payments from bank transfers so that money reaches their accounts within a shorter period of time. So let’s revolutionize the method we love the most and make things easier for everyone.

Our Pricing


Price - Free

Per Transaction2% + RM 2
Transfer Settlement14 business days
Maximum TransactionRM 10,000/Month


Price - RM 199

Per Transaction<1.5% + RM 2
Transfer Settlement7 business days
Maximum TransactionRM 20,000/Month


Price - RM 399

Per Transaction1% + RM 2
Transfer Settlement7 business days
Maximum TransactionUnlimited/Month

Banks we support